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UK Massage Championship

7th & 8th September 2024

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Who We Are

The UK Massage Championship was the brainchild of  Bhavesh T. Joshi (London School of Massage) who saw the need for organising a Championship in the UK that had a high level of standards and rules in place that would be judged by a panel of individuals who were not only experts in the field, but represented the teaching sector as well as the main examining bodies in the UK.

He collaborated with  Alan Billington (City Lit) in hosting the first successful, UK Massage Championship at City Lit, London in September 2023.

The competition has the approval and backing of the  World Massage Council (WMC), which has been set up to provide, high standards, rules and regulation for such competitions.

The WMC is involved in many international events and is organising the World Massage Championship in 2024.

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