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UK Massage Championship

7th & 8th September 2024

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Rules, Regulation & Criteria

Competition > Rules & Regulation

Competition Rules

1. Participants must possess appropriate formal qualifications as required by the laws of their country and be certified to practice.

2. To enter the competition, participants must complete the registration form and payment online.

3. Participants must present a photo ID on the first day of registration.

4. Participants can apply for up to three categories based on their experience.

5. Any massage of a sensual or sexual nature will result in immediate disqualification and expulsion from the championship.

6. Chiropractic, osteopathic, or joint manipulative techniques are prohibited during the competition.

7. Fire and fire methods of therapy are not allowed in this competition.

8. Participants must remain within the category they have chosen to be judged in. Conducting treatments outside of the selected category will result in disqualification.

9. The duration of each category round is as stated on the website.

10 Participants must wear the provided competition T-shirt. Bottoms should be smart and comfortable, and footwear must be clean and comfortable.

11. Shoes are not allowed in Thai Yoga Massage and similar styles of massage.

12. Cameras are not to be used by therapists during the competition rounds.

13. Therapists are not allowed to play their own music (via boom box) or use large gongs or sound therapy bath treatments. Small singing bowls are allowed. Playing music via ear pods is permitted.

14. Participants must hold practitioner liability insurance and be prepared to provide proof if necessary.

15. It is the responsibility of participants to declare any criminal convictions or unprofessional behaviour before entering the competition.

16. There is zero tolerance for inappropriate behaviour towards judges or anyone associated with the competition.

17. Participants must complete the “Aims & Objectives of Treatment” form for each category. This form must be displayed at the participant’s station on the day of the competition and emailed to the organizers. This form can be important for judging the quality of treatment and distinguishing competitors in tie-break situations.

Competition Regulations


1. If a participant enters the wrong category, they will not be included in the overall judging and will be automatically disqualified.

2. It is the participant’s responsibility to follow the rules and criteria set forth.

Fees & Refunds

1. Competition entrance fees are strictly non-refundable and non-transferable.

2. Participants may enter multiple categories in the competition.

3. In the event that the competition is cancelled by the organizers, for any reason, participants will be automatically transferred and entered into the rescheduled competition.

4. If a competition is cancelled, the WMC and its organizers will not be liable for any expenses incurred by participants (e.g., travel fares, hotel bookings, etc.).

Media – Photography & Video

1. All media footage, including photographic imagery and videos, will be the property of the WMC and event organizers and may be used in appropriate marketing and social media platforms.

2. Filming or photography for commercial purposes at the WMC Championship is permitted only with the approval of the competition organizers.

The Competition Area

1. Participants must ensure all their products are labeled in compliance with the Health & Safety standards of their country.

2. Each participant will be allocated a number for their workstation.

3. Participants are required to clean and tidy their workstation and dispose of all rubbish after each category event.

4. Consumption of food and drink (other than water) is not allowed in the competition area.

5. The competition area is open only to participants and their models. Anyone else must obtain permission from the Lead Judge.

5. Participants will have 15 minutes for preparation, setup, and dismantling at the beginning and end of each competition round.

6. The start and end times of each competition round will be announced by the Lead Judge.

7. Participants must wear professional uniforms and be appropriately groomed (e.g., hair tied back).

8. Participants will be given a countdown to the end of the competition and must stop treatment when time is called.

9. Models must be draped to expose only the area being massaged. Model modesty must always be maintained; no nudity is allowed.

10. While this is a competition, participants should remain mindful of their fellow competitors and maintain professionalism at all times.

11. The WMC and event organisers have the right to remove anyone from the competition who behaves inappropriately.

12. The WMC Management and event organisers reserve the right to change and modify the rules without notification to ensure a smooth and fair competition or in unexpected circumstances.

Massage Equipment

All participants are requested to note the following:

What is provided:
– Massage couches
– Floor mats
– Onsite Massage Chairs

What is NOT provided:
– Couch covers
– Massage oils and mediums
– specialist equipments and tools, e.g. hot stone heaters
– Long extension wires to connect to electrical points

Judging Criteria

It should be noted that not all the criteria below apply to all categories and modalities of massage therapy practiced.

The criteria outlined below is to be used as a model guide by the selected judge to make a reasonable assessment about a competing participant of their capabilities for a chosen category of participation.

The judging criteria will be from the following categories and be out of a total of 100 marks.  Each participant will start with 100 points and marks will be deducted accordingly.

1. Preparation of the Treatment Area (5 points)
To include proper equipment, mediums, massage tools, storage of clothing, safe working area, etc.

2. Participant Personal Preparation & Hygiene (5 points)
To include professional presentation, tidy grooming, uniform, jewellery, hygiene.

3. Client Care (10 points)
To include proper use of drapes, towels, cushions, bolsters, client modesty, client positioning etc.

4. Communication (10 points)
Including verbal, non-verbal, body language.

5. Massage Routine (40 points)
To include:

(a) effectiveness (20)
(b) flow (10) 
(c) innovation of the routine (10)

Consideration given to depth, pressure, tissues change, rhythm, fluidity, continuity and as well as creating a unique individual style/combination of different styles as reflected in the category.

6. The participant Body Mechanics (30 points)
To include practitioner posture, relaxed body, efficiency of movement, save joint injury.

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